Wednesday, 3 September 2008

We made it!

We finally got into Second Life, which Graham is demonstrating as I type this. What a palaver it's been to get a connection, but at least we've managed. Apologies to everyone who tried to join us in SL this morning - we hope those of you who got into Lively at least discovered some things that you hadn't found before. Doubtless there will be a discussion about the various merits of these things on the discussion list. And just to start it off... (why) do people think that virtual worlds (graphical, anyway) are new? What's all the excitement about?

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Graham Davies said...

Well, we hiccuped along all day. First, the whole of the Second Life grid went down at the start of our workshop, and then the local network began to play up. But, thanks to the timely intervention of Zsuzsa Angeli, the conference organiser, we found a place with a reliable Internet link. We were then able to do around two hours solid work on SL in the afternoon, exploring the EUROCALL HQ's facilities, Apfelland's Winter Wonderland (in contrast to the hot and humid real-life atmosphere here in Hungary), and the Goethe-Institut location. Apologies all round, especially to the online participants who probably thought we were lost in cyberspace!