Friday, 5 September 2008

Self-awareness in CMC (Masanori Yamaka)

Masanori presented his research where he attemps to understand how the different designs of videoconferencing affect the way people behave in the videoconferencing situation. He uses Carver's control model as a starting point for his exploration. He has developed a videoconferencing tool where the participants have different views of the situation and its participants: both the participant's and the partner's image, partner's image only, participant's own image only and no images at all. He has studied how these different views affect the way the participants behave in the videoconferencing session. He has looked at both verbal and non-verbal language use. It is interesting too see how the views affect both these aspects of communication. The comments from the audience centered around recommendations to Masanori to wide the approach to language, as Masanori is mainly looking at the grammatical accurancy. Also the actual tasks the learners were engaged in were asked about.

(Sorry for the blurred and very abridged version, my mind is a bit foggy after a very pleasant night at the Vörösmarty Theatre.)

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