Thursday, 4 September 2008

Our virtual meeting places

We intend to drop into our virtual meeting places from time to time during the conference. These are:

EUROCALL's Lively room:
We have a reliable connection to this room, so drop in for a chat. If no one is there, try again later.

The EUROCALL HQ building in Second Life:
which is located on the EduNation III island.
We are having problems accessing Second Life from time to time, but there are places where we can get a secure connection. You can IM me in SL under my avatar name, Groovy Winkler, and I'll be able to pick up your messages via my normal email system.

Graham Davies

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Graham Davies said...

We had a few technical problems accessing Second Life yesterday, 3 September. These have now been resolved. The university's firewall was blocking Second Life, but the route has now been opened, so you should now be able to meet us in the EUROCALL HQ in Second Life.

Graham Davies