Saturday, 6 September 2008

Final th0ughts

Well, the conference finished today, and doubtless blog postings will be added over the next few days.

I very much enjoyed Patrik Svensson's very interesting and thought provoking plenary presentation - I like the idea of more or less disruptive technologies and the death of the VLE...

Thank you, too, to Patrik for taking part in a Q&A session. We had a few technical hitches and it's a shame there weren't more participants, but we had a fruitful discussion, I think. I hope those others who took part found it useful, too.

Our other two plenary speakers, Agnes Kukulska-Hulme and Andrea Kápárti allowed us to stream their presentations, which we very much appreciated. We'd also like to thank those presenters who signed the waiver forms and let us record their presentations for inclusion in the virtual strand.

A very big thank you should be given to Zsuzsa Angeli for organising a wonderful conference at a beautiful venue - nobody's posted photos this year, so this is a call for someone to do s0 for those who weren;t fortunate enough to be here.

And is this the end? Of course not! We have plans for next year's Virtual Strand already. Peppi talked a little about them at the Annual General Meeting yesterday, and more information will appear on the EuroCALL wesbite shortly. Essentially, though, we're hoping to extend the Virtual Strand to incorporate the submission of abstracts through the review process in exactly the same way as for the main conference - remember, though, you will need to be a EuroCALL member to submit an abstract, and you'll be able to find details about this very soon on the main EuroCALL website at:

Please continue to post here and on the discussion list. We'd love to hear your views about the sorts of things you'd like to see in your virtual conference environment and to hear about your experience of this - and other - virtual conferences.

Thank you everyone for taking part!

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